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New! The Low-Incidence/Adapted Curriculum

This three course (9 credit hour) series is designed to support teachers to serve students and families of individuals with low-incidence (moderate and severe) intellectual disability within the school, work and community settings.  Students will gain knowledge and practical application of the history, theory, and research based instructional practices to support students following the adapted curriculum in the school, community from kindergarten – transition to adulthood. Please email Dr. Bree Jimenez, for more specific information.

Starting SPRING 2014

SES 610: Characteristics of the Population: Severe Disabilities (3 credit hours): This course will enable the participant to identify and respond to psychological, physical, educational, medical, behavioral and learning characteristics and needs of individuals with intellectual disabilities, including autism and multiple disabilities.


SES 611: Instructional Strategies: Adapted Curriculum (3 credit hours): Content includes strategies for developing and teaching students with low-incidence disabilities, including autism, adaptations to the general curriculum, including ways to link to Common Core standards in core content areas.


SES 612: Transition and Family Centered Planning for Low-Incidence Disability (3 credit hours): Course content focuses on implementing transition programs from school to career and daily living for individuals with disabilities, including vocational/career assessment and individualized programs integrating family, agencies, and businesses.

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