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ASL as a Foreign Language

We are moving forward…thanks to you!

We want to thank all the students and others across campus who expressed their support for American Sign Language.

The Department of SES (School of Ed) and the Department of LLC (College) are delighted to announce that they are collaborating to continue offering courses in American Sign Language for non-majors.  Both departments just received word late Friday afternoon that we have been granted permission to offer American Sign Language out of the department of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures by cross-listing a new course prefix of ASL with the SES American Sign Language sequence.  During this first year, the LLC department will only offer ASL 101 and ASL 102 courses, eventually assuming responsibility for ASL 203 and ASL 204 language instruction as well.    In the fall semester of 2014, SES 203 American Sign Language III and SES 204 American Sign Language IV for non-majors will still be taught in the SES department.  This change will not have any impact on current American Sign Language courses offered for Professions in Deafness majors.  If you are a PID major, you must continue to enroll in SES courses only.   If you have enrolled already in a summer course, we strongly encourage you to take the course as scheduled as we expect that demand will still exceed our capacity during AY 2014-2015.

Our ASL courses are now posted in Genie and you will be able to register in them once the registration window opens.  These courses can be found in the course schedule under the title American Sign Language. The advanced American Sign Language courses will be listed under the Department of Specialized Educational Services (SES).  The ASL/Deaf Studies minor has not been discontinued, and we are involved in ongoing conversations to determine if we might be able to offer this popular minor through LLC.   In the fall of 2014 the SES department will be offering one section of SES 245 Introduction to the Deaf Community for those of you wishing to continue their studies in the American Sign Language Deaf/Studies Minor.  Throughout this process, both departments will work closely together to ensure the stability and quality of the American Sign Language instruction we provide for all of you, both majors and non-majors.

While this move may come as a surprise, it further unites language instruction across our campus.  Moreover, there are many deep-rooted links between American Sign Language and our other LLC languages.   Did you know…

  • that American Sign Language is not simply a gestural code but that it has its own grammar distinct from English?
  • that what we call American Sign Language actually has its origins in 19th-century France?
  • that study of American Sign Language also includes the study of Deaf literature and Deaf culture?
  • that American Sign Language is taught using many of same techniques that we employ to teach other languages?


Registration guidelines

If you have already taken SES 102 this semester or earlier, you are eligible for:

SES 203 (offered Summer 2014  & Fall 2014)

If you have already taken  SES 203 this semester or earlier, you are eligible for:

SES 204 (offered Summer 2014 & Fall 2014)

If you have already taken SES 101 this semester or earlier, you are eligible for:

ASL 102 (offered starting Fall 2014)

If you want to start the American Sign Language sequence and you are not a PID major, you should enroll in ASL 101 (offered starting Fall 2014)

PID majors must enroll in SES courses

If you who have declared ASL/Deaf Studies as their minor can take the above courses along with

SES 245 Introduction to the Deaf Community (still being offered in SES)


Both PID and LLC look forward to the many exciting opportunities for cross-unit collaboration that this move will facilitate.  Please contact us if we can help during this transition smoother.
All the best,


Sam D. Parker

Amy R. Williamsen


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